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I'm Not Crazy, But... (Episode 89) - Social Misconduct

I’m Not Crazy, But… (Episode 89)

Mik talks about visiting The Broad Museum this past weekend. B. Walt is upset about the death of Prince. Topics include: Mattress that can tell if your spouse is having an affair revealed; Man arrested after putting soda in water cup at McDonald’s; 30 Yr Old South Sudanese man arrested after posing as teen at Windsor high school for six months; New App Turns Smartphone Into High-Tech B.O. Detector; Weather forecaster fired after repeatedly ‘breaking wind’ on screen to illustrate gusty conditions; Dildo Drone Is The Flying Penis Gadget You Know You Want; Mother fighting for custody of toddler put picture of her three-year-old son ‘with fake bruises’ on a GoFundMe page ‘claiming his father abused him’ and Virtual Reality Porn Is Coming to Las Vegas Hotel Rooms. Mik and B. Walt discuss 10 ‘crazy’ ex-girlfriends who tell their side of the story.

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