Social Misconduct B. Walt - Social Misconduct

B. Walt - Social Misconduct


Since his early years in college, B. Walt has always had an interest in human, social interaction and how those interactions fuel all aspects of life. Maybe it was because of his awkward demeanor as a teenager, maybe it was his inability to get a date in college, but his focus turned specifically to dating and relationships.

He took his research driven obsession and creative writing degree and manufactured a solid writing career. He’s had almost a thousand pieces published, ranging from how-to articles to music reviews to dating and relationships. His work can be seen on Breakmedia and Examiner to name a few. He has often stated that his most enjoyable time writing was for E. Jean Carroll’s Advice Vixens website. B. Walt has also been involved with a few start-up web content production houses.

While this smart-mouthed, slightly cocky, belligerently intellectual asshole has more than enough to say about current events, geek life, and political bs, his passion has always been trying to help the opposite sexes bridge the gap.

He has recently teamed up with longtime friend, Mikeya Summerville to launch Bushville Entertainment, a boutique production company. The two are currently writing an original, television script and host/produce Social Misconduct Radio Show.

Oh and just for fun…he’s been a personal trainer for about 10 years. Recently receiving two certifications.